Hosted Voip Pbx Application in Campus

hosted voip pbx
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Those so called PBX, or VoIP originally are separated internet connection which is function as a tool in connect the user with others. although in the end joined in the form of hosted Voip Pbx the application of those tools emerge as the consequences of the need of more affordable communication tools for those who is send overseas. Based on the available data, there were more than one thousand lectures from various university in the world send overseas to foreign university by their university foundation. They are spread into various university in Asia, United Stated of America, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Middle East and Uni of Europe, usually communication between them is conducted through e-mail, mail post or SMS. Eventhought the rate of overseas conversation is already lowered, conversation through telephone only conducted in case of emergency. This is the point where the need of affordable communication is desperately needed. While with the internet connection nowadays, generally are available in many campus and the cost of conversation are able to be lowered to the lowest point. Even the union of the internet connection and PABX which is formed hosted Voip Pbx can be utilized by the rest of the individual within the campus, through the respectively extension.

Hosted Voip Pbx are available through Internet Connection in Campus through information technology and communication fund donation from the government. While high rates of cost in the use of communication tools among the college students has force them to consider the use of Hosted Voip Pbx as an alternative to cut their communication cost. Especially since for the education world, internet have become facility package which is obliged to be provided  for the students and the lecturers in order to facilitate the learning process. Even with the vast change and advanced improvement in the technologies nowadays university can provide the students and lecturer with the appropriate Hosted Voip Pbx facility for their needs. The use of such tools to help their daily activity has a strong effect to the result of their accomplishment. As there are so many lecturer and student activity that can be settle through such tools. It is quite helpful and accommodate their need.

Every intersection in the customer side it has their own number which is called as extension number. By joining internet and PABX, it would enable the communication from the VoIP tools within the campus. In order to avoid  law regarding Telecommunication Service organizing, VoIp facility better not be connected to Telecommunication  net. Such facility only connected to the PABX net or extension at the office,  so that communication may happen between office internal telephone and VoIP user. But if you visit the site of,  and it seems thousand VoIp  central telephone which is able to connect us to several neighbor countries. Once the VoIP already installed then the communication among the university and its lecturer already spread  overseas it is not expensive again. generally, every campus in overseas already equipt with superspeed internet conection through the hotspot which is spread in every location.even if we wish to subscribe to the internet connection, cost of internet connection in overseas is quite affordable by the college student.
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